About British Shorthair Cats


Dating back to the original domestic cats in Rome, the British Shorthair is one of the oldest domestic cat breeds from England.
These original 'cheshire cats', although not being the largest domestic breed, are known for their quiet and loyal demeanor. They have a very thick, plush coat which makes them a delight to touch and easy to groom, as well as giving them their distinctive teddy bear appearance.

Although coming in almost any colour, the british shorthair is famous for their "British Blue" coats. Ambritt is dedicated to producing quality blue kittens with the Ambritt personality. British Shorthairs are also famous for their big round eyes, and gorgeous round heads.

My first experience with British Shorthairs was with a female (Brittony) that I bought as a family pet in 1989. Brittony passed away on the 4th July 2007 and will be forever missed.

I have found that the British are independent, yet extremly affectionate. They are very knowing, alert and quizzical and enjoy following you around the house to make sure you do things the right way. The British are very people oriented, usually down right mushy, that love to give you head butts with lots of purrs. They are a quiet, little talking, no nonsense, "I can take everything in my stride" breed of cat.

The British Shorthair makes an excellent friend, they make ideal indoor cats, which suit less active people to busy households with children.